Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update (18th March 2020)

We are all aware of the difficulties that we are going to face in the coming weeks and months this year and the catastrophic effects that the Coronavirus is having upon lives and businesses across the World and here in the UK.
These are unprecedented times and during these difficult weeks and months we firstly hope you are safe and healthy and send our very best wishes to your family, friends and colleagues.

As a direct result of the continuing developments surrounding the spread of Covid-19, we would like to confirm that we are continuing to follow all guidance and advice issued by the World Health Organization (WHO), HM Government and the Chief Medical Officer (CMO).

Hague Fasteners places the utmost importance on securing and maintaining the health and well-being of our staff, our suppliers, and all of our customers.

At this time, we do not foresee any interruption or delay in planned and promised deliveries. 

We have multiple contingency plans both active and in place to address the changing situation in a further on-going effort to ensure deliveries are maintained and met as acknowledged. We are fully committed to ensuring we can continue to provide the very best quality and service to our clients and customers during this time and to ensure this, we have taken the following measures: 

  • We have informed, educated and discussed the situation with our team and placed appropriate protective and sanitation measures within our facility.
  • We have implemented the facility for completely flexible hours to all staff to minimise contact with others in the workplace and aid with caring for Family memebers now at home or without care facilities due to the closing of schools and other care providers.
  • We have ceased all non-essential business travel and meetings. 
  • We have a strict “NO ENTRY” & “NO CONTACT” policy to all Visitors and Deliveries with our Offices and Production Site, with access only being allowed to Employess and other Essential Personnel at all times.
  • We have cancelled all planned visits and hereby politely request that all customer and supplier visits, except for deliveries and collections, are conducted by email or telephone.
  • We have a formal plan in place to continuously monitor the situation and adapt and advise of any changes required when and where necessary.  
  • All paperwork we send with despatched goods are also sent electronically so customers may discard all packaging and paperwork on reciept if preferred.

We will continue to provide our service and outstanding quality levels throughout but will continue to work under these restricted conditions for as long as is necessary or feasibly possible. 

We will review and adapt these restrictions, if appropriate, as and when needed or advised.  

We thank you all for your continued business and support and wish you the best in health and wellbeing during these worrying times.