Coronavirus Update

Following the UK Government’s announcement of Social Lockdown, Hague Fasteners would like to issue this Coronavirus update to all of our Clients, Suppliers & friends as follows:-

We are still operational at around 95% normal levels.

We have not had any staff directly affected by Coronavirus infection with all Staff and their Family members reporting healthy and free from any symptoms.

Several of our more vulnerable members of staff or staff that have a duty of care to velnerable family members have opted to self isolate. This is an option we have presented to all staff under a number of care and contingency plans, with our staffs and their families wellbeing being at the forefront of all of our actions and decisions.

We are starting to see slight issues with certain supply chains and processes but have put in place additional stock levels of materials, tooling and consumables to ensure the continuation of manufacturing as far as is possible. Needless to say unfortunately certain supplies may be affected and we will communicate to our clients where deliveries may be affected as a result, where it is possible to do so.

We are further advised by cetain clients that they are not operational and are in complete lockdown. We will fulfill all purchase orders and retain goods here until we are notified that they are operatinal again and able to accept deliveries.

We advise any forward demands for special fasteners are indicated to us now or as soon as is possible so that you have priority on materials from our stocks in case outsourced replacement material becomes an issue in the coming days and weeks.

Again we hope your family and colleagues stay safe and healthy and send our best wishes to you during these worrying times.

Coronavirus Update – UK Government : Please refer to the UK Government Coronavirus Information Website for the latest help and advice.

We will continue to update you via this News channel so please check regularly for the latest information.