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Special Fastener Manufacturer

Hague Fasteners are a Special Fastener Manufacturer, servicing all Global Industries with Bespoke Special Fasteners, Hague are manufacturing small quantities (1Pc, 5Pcs, 25Pcs, 100Pcs Through 500Pcs) of custom bolting and special fastener components to all International Standards and to Customers’ own designs and OEM Drawings, with the added peace of mind of Quality Assured British Manufacturing.

Special Fastener Manufacturer

Hague Fasteners have taken a firm stance to only utilise the very best materials making them a reliable Special Fastener Manufacturer for the highest integrity components, setting Customer Service, Quality & Integrity as our focus. it is for these reasons Hague Fasteners now enjoy great praise from their clients around the World.

  • Founded in 1971
  • Same Day Quotations
  • Delivery Status Updates
  • Test Certification Free Of Charge
  • Experienced Technical Assistance
  • Dedicated Customer Service Team
  • Massive Archive of OEM Drawings
  • Family Driven Ethics and Philosophy
  • Technical Library of International Standards
  • Global Daily Shipments Ensure Prompt Delivery


Carbon & Alloy SteelsStainless SteelsSuperAlloys
& Duplex Steels
Non Ferrous
A307 A, B & C
070M20 (EN3B)
070M55 (EN9)
080M40 (EN8)
605M36 (EN16)
708M40 (EN19)
817M40 (EN24)
826M40 (EN26
ASTM A193 B7
ASTM A193 B5
ASTM A193 B16
ASTM A320 L7
ASTM A320 L43
BS4882 B16A
Durehete 900 (T22)
Durehete 950 (T31)
Durehete 1055 (T42)
Jethete XM19
303 304
18-8/A2 316/A4
A2-50 A2-70
A4-50 A4-70
321 310 347
422 410 416
420 431
ASTM A193 B8
BS4882 B8X
BS4882 B8MX
BS4882 B8TX
B8/B8M/B8T Class 2
BS6105 C3
Nitronic 50
Nitronic 60
Uranus B6
Ferralium 255
Monel 400
Monel K500
Inconel 600
Inconel 601
Inconel 625
Inconel 718
Incoloy 800HT
Incoloy 825
Hastelloy B2
Hastelloy C4
Hastelloy C22
Hastelloy C276
UNS S31803
UNS S31254
UNS S32750
UNS S32755
UNS S32760
ASTM A453 660
Sanicro 28
Nimonic 75
Nimonic 80A
Nimonic 90
Carpenter 20

Aluminium Bronze
Aluminium Silicon Bronze
Phosphor Bronze
Manganese Bronze
Naval Brass
Cupro Nickel 70/30
Cupro Nickel 90/10
Hiduron 191

Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering of Old or Obsolete Special Fasteners

Hague Fasteners are experts in the Reverse engineering (or Back Engineering) of all types of Engineered Special Fasteners, fixings and turned parts.

We have seen a sharp increase in the need for identification, reverse design and manufacturing of all sorts of components. Often in very small batches such as 2pcs, 10pcs, 25pcs etc. where the component has been in use for many years and there is no longer access to the original parts’ Engineering drawing.

Bespoke Reverse Engineered Fasteners

Often the items are completely Bespoke Fasteners that need making exactly to the dimensions and thread sizes of the existing part.

Reverse Engineering
From Old To New

Hague Fasteners also offer modifications to the parts where required. This is often an increase in material strength or a material upgrade for extra performance and reliability or simply a slight modification to certain sizes. Perhaps increasing the length or changing the thread form.

Engineering Rebuild and Repairs

Our special Fastener reverse engineering service is utilised by companies large and small where old plant or vehicles are being repaired or rebuilt. We are also at hand to assist enthusiasts who are working on private vehicle projects where a part is needed, perhaps some new head studs, or some extended Wheel Studs for a classic car or race car modification.

We are also proven to manufacture very small batches of items that may even be available from other Countries. Our reverse engineered Fasteners offer a UK Manufactured solution cheaper and faster than seeking an overpriced import where the rarity of the product required sees an over inflated price at the expense of the purchaser.

Where a special component is required and their is no access to a drawing or technical design description, Hague Fasteners operate a convenient solution.

1. You obtain a quotation from a photograph, so no need to lose time and money by sending the item in. We just ask that the item is photographed alongside a tape or rule so that we can establish rough sizes and costings to reproduce. 

2. We will then send you our formal quotation for reverse engineering the part. 

3. If you are happy with the proposed offer you then send in the sample (or we can collect if inconvenient due to component size). We then get to work replicating the item required with a lead time to suit your needs. 

We look forward to hearing from you with any requirements you have for replacing older or difficult to obtain Fasteners.

Time For Change 

Unrivalled experience in manufacturing Fasteners to Clients designs. Total Customer Focus & Ethics make Hague Fasteners Limited, Special Bolting UK stand out from the crowd.
Hague will give you a refreshing change.
Small Enough To Care : Big Enough To Deliver (since 1971)

Nickel Alloy Special Fasteners

Nickel Based Alloy Fasteners are used in a wide range of Global Industries.

Hague Fasteners have been a major manufacturer of the more specialist bolting components used for Subsea Engineering & Oil & Gas sectors, particularly the production and supply of small batch quantities of special fasteners to Customers Drawings.

Nickel Alloy Fasteners

The wide range of superalloys Hague Fasteners manufacture include:-

Alloy 600 – Inconel 600 – BS 3076 NA14 – Wekstoff 2.4816 – ASTM B166 – UNS N06600
Alloy 601 – Inconel 601 – Werkstoff 2.4627 – ASTM B166 – UNS N06601
Alloy 625 – Inconel 625 – BS 3076 NA21 – Werkstoff 2.4856 -ASTM B446 – UNS N06625
Alloy 718 – Inconel 718 –  Werkstoff 1.4668 – ASTM B637 – UNS N07718
Alloy 750 – Inconel 750 –  Werkstoff 2.4669 – ASTM B637 – UNS N07750
Alloy 400 – Monel 400 – BS 3076 NA13 – Werkstoff 2.4360 – ASTM F467  – UNS N04400
Alloy K500 – Monel K500 – BS 3076 NA18 – Werkstoff 2.4375 – ASTM B865-04  – UNS N05500
Alloy C276 – Hastelloy C276 – Werkstoff 2.4819  – ASTM B574  – UNS N10276
Alloy 22 – Hastelloy C22 – Werkstoff 2.4602  – ASTM B574  – UNS N06022
Alloy B2 – Hastelloy B2 – ASTM B335  – UNS N10665
Alloy X – Hastelloy X – Werkstoff 2.4655 – ASTM B572  – UNS N06002
Alloy B3 – Hastelloy B3 – ASTM 2.4600 – ASTM B335 – UNS N10675
Alloy G30 – Hastelloy G30 – Werkstoff 2.4603 – ASTM B581  – UNSN06030
Alloy 50 – Nitronic 50 – ASTM A479 XM19 – UNS S20910
Alloy 60 – Nitronic 60 – ASTM A193 B8S – UNS S21800
Alloy 75 Nimonic 75 – Werkstoff 2.4951 – ASTM B637 – UNS N06075
Alloy 80A – Nimonic 80A – BS 4882 NA20 – Werkstoff 2.4952 – ASTM B637  – UNS N07080
Alloy 90 – Nimonic 90 – ASTM B408  – UNS N07090
Alloy 800 – Incoloy 800 – BS 3076 NA15 – Werkstoff 1.4876 – ASTM B408  – UNS N08800
Alloy 800H – Incoloy 800H – ASTM B408
Alloy 800 HT – Incoloy 800HT – Werkstoff 1.4959 – ASTM B408 – UNS N08811
Alloy 825 – Incoloy 825 – BS 3076 NA16 – Werkstoff 2.4858 – ASTM B425 – UNS N08825
Alloy 925 – Incoloy 925 – ASTM B805  – UNS N09925
Alloy DS – Incoloy DS – BS 3076 NA17 – Werkstoff 1.4862 – UNS N08330

The Change Has Started

Since 1971 we have adapted, improved and continually listened to our Customers. 

It is their opinion and satisfaction that drives us to ensure we offer the very best level of Customer Service. 

You will find from quotation through manufacture, from supply to accounts & payment we strive to ensure no obstacles are in your way, assuring you a memorable service and a quality product every time.


One recurring source of frustration during recent Customer feedback analysis showed disappointment at the time taken to quote enquiries. Often next day quoting, whilst faster than the general industry norm for manufactured costings, is simply not fast enough.

We are proud to boast a significant improvement in 2014, in the handling of incoming RFQ’s & hope we can demonstrate to you the rapid response now enjoyed by our clients.