Carbon Footprint

In 2021, Hague Fasteners started a new project, the “Hague Fasteners Forest”.

Our aim is to plant 200 trees each year which will offset our affect on the environment and eliminate our Carbon Footprint. Each tree we plant sequesters an estimated 0.3 tonnes of Carbon Dioxide over it’s life and our target of just 200 trees each year will result in us being a Carbon Neutral operation.

Hague Fasteners have partnered with (more:trees) who work with tree planting partners across the world, supporting local communities to restore healthy forests and reduce extreme poverty.

We are currently targeting and investing in Tree Planting Projects in Madagascar, Kenya and Haiti with innitiatives ranging from Conservation, Water channeling, supporting Communities and Wildlife whilst further improving food security and supply. You can read more about the projects we are commited to at

Our Hague Fasteners Forest not only Nourishes our planet, it helps to reduce extreme poverty in some of the worlds poorest communities. We help support biodiversity whilst reversing de-forestation.

If we all make a small change we can make a big impact, thank you for your support protecting our environment and supporting our planet.