Hexagon Bolts

Hexagon Bolts Specifications:

hexagon bolts


ISO 4014 ISO 4016 ANSI B18.2.1 ANSI B18.2.3.1M JIS B1180 B1186 DIN 601 DIN 931 DIN 960 DIN6914 DIN 7990 NFE 27311 NFE 27711 BS 57 BS 84 BS 450 BS 916 BS 1768 BS1769 BS 1083 BS 3139 BS 3692 BS 4395 UNI 5731 UNI 5739 UNI 5737 UNI 5738 UNI 5712 AS 1110 AS1252


Hague Fasteners excel with the manufacture of all Hexagon Headed Fasteners. Many of the Hexagon products we manufacture are in the Duplex or Super Duplex steels, or indeed in more critical high specification Superalloys. Whilst we manufacture many of the non-favoured thread forms such as BSW BSF UNC & UNF, we are finding the biggest call is now for Metric Hexagon Bolts that are modified versions of existing international standards or indeed custom bespoke bolting manufactured to Customer or OEM Drawings.