Donation for the restoration of Classic British Vehicle Engineering – Guy Motors

Hague Fasteners are proud to have manufactured and donated new wheel studs to help in the refurbishment of a classic Guy Victory Coach originally built in Wolverhampton in 1960.

Left to Right: Martin Fisher (Museum Chairman) with Jon Hague (Hague Fasteners)

This Guy Victory is one of very few still in existence and certainly the only Victory coach in the UK.

The restoration is just one of the many projects undertaken by the Aston Manor Road Transport Museum, the Museum is totally volunteer-run and self-funded and with the charitable manufacturing wheel stud donation by Hague Fasteners, the project continues which will soon see the classic vehicle back on the road.

Aldridge Transport Museum

The Museum started over 40 years ago as the West Midlands Vintage Vehicle Society, a group of owners of preserved buses who needed somewhere to keep their vehicles, and who rented a barn just north of Wolverhampton.

When Birmingham City Council found they had a redundant tram depot needing occupation, the WMVVS stepped in and the Museum was born, changing the name to Aston Manor Road Transport Museum accordingly.

After 20 years in Aston, Birmingham the council imposed an unaffordable rent on the building, so the museum found themselves having to leave. Eventually they ended up in Aldridge, where they have been in their present building since 2012.

Jon Hague, Managing Director of Hague Fasteners visited Martín Fisher, Chairman of the Museum to see the specialist wheel studs being fitted by their skilled volunteers and to see the fantastic restoration first hand, Jon said “we are proud to have made the wheel studs as a charitable donation to ensure a piece of classic Wolverhampton and Great British manufacturing preserved for future generations to see and enjoy. Whilst we work extensively with modern technologies and futuristic projects is fantastic to continue supporting classic restorations and the hard work of time hardened British Engineers. The Guy Motors plant is a piece of Wolverhampton fine manufacturing history and its great to give a little back and ensure its great history is preserved.”


The Victory was an export only chassis, and was popular in Belgium, the Netherlands and Scandinavia, and this coach is a reminder of the large number of vehicles exported from the UK, and the Midlands in particular; now, no new coach chassis are built in the UK and most UK coaches come from exactly the same areas as Guy Motors used to sell to – Van Hool  from Belgium, VDL (DAF) from the Netherlands and Scania and Volvo from Sweden.

This Guy was bought from new by Franky Tours, a small coach company based in Bruges, and had a very futuristic locally built body by Jonckheere. Unfortunately, in 1965, it rolled into a ditch in Germany, distorting the body so badly it was beyond repair, so a new, all-steel welded body was fitted by Van Hool, in a record turn round of 14 working days.

The Guy Victory Coach “Raoul” under restoration April 2021

This black and white photograph shows the coach in Spain when newly rebodied; the driver was Raymond Van de Geuchte,  the proprietor of the company, who named the coach Raoul after his son. Raoul later took over the business and so kindly donated the coach to the Museum.
After a full service life, the Guy was taken out of service in 1979 and parked in the garage, its were seats removed so that it could be used as the company office, which is how it survived in such good condition for so many years.

This photo is of the coach being loaded in Bruges for transport back to the Museum, on 28th April 2017.

Despite having the engine running within a few weeks of its arrival, restoration has not been as straightforward as the museum had hoped, with the trials of the Coronavirus prolonged lockdown not helping, but they are now looking at making serious progress.   The museum continues to seek the support of local businesses to help in their numerous restoration projects and anyone who would be willing to donate their time or products are invited to get in touch.

Likewise we hope that by spreading the news of the museums hard work and numerous exhibits, people may drop by to spend their time visiting the museum.

You can find out more about the Aldridge Transport Museum on their Website or Facebook Page

Hague Fasteners – Covid Operating Status

Current Protocol – Level 3

ProductionFully Operational On Site
AdministrationFully Operational On Site
Material Supply ChainSlightly Delays From Europe
Subcontracted Heat TreatmentLargely unaffected
Outsourced UKAS TestingLargely unaffected
Subcontracted Specialist CoatingsLargely unaffected
Tranport & LogisticsLargely unaffected
Last Updated – 24th September 2021

50 Years Of Special Fasteners

2021 sees a massive milestone in Hague Fasteners history, 50 years of Special Bolting Production in the heart of the Black Country. 

In 1971, our founder and former Chairman, John Hague, moved from his roots in Yorkshire to the West Midlands and started his new Company to supply industry with on time manufactured bolting with hotshot delivery times. 

There have been many changes to the business & methods through the years but there always remains focus on providing the very best in Customer Service as the core principal. 

Hague Fasteners now operate in their custom refitted production facility just a few miles from their humble roots. A true family business that is now driven by son Jon Hague and his wife Claire along with their three sons Jack, Tom & Max, the 2nd & 3rd generation of Hagues’, the true “Craftsmen in Fasteners”. 

Read more here

Covid 19 – 5th January 2021 Update – Lockdown 3

Hague Fasteners are open and fully operational following the latest last minute announcement by the UK Government.

Protocol as at 5th January 2021 – Level 3

Production Fully Operational
Administration Covid secure bubble fully operational on site.
Critical Supply Chain Largely unaffected
Transport & Logistics Largely unaffected

Our focus remains on protecting the wellbeing of our employees and their familiess whilst maintaining as close as possible to a normal service for our clients and customers.

Following the implementation of yet another National Lockdown in England, Hague Fasteners remain fully operational with a safe and secure environment for our Production Staff.

In addition, Hague Fasteners have an Emergency Response Team that is established and will act, depending on any change to internal alert level. Hague Fasteners will respond based on the action plan that has been established for the wellbeing of employees and their families, the continuous procurement of products and services, and business continuity.

Whilst ever possible and for the foreseeable future Hague Fasteners will continue to operate within these guidelines and will make every effort to maintain contractual agreements until this decision is taken out of our control.

If you are seeking an update please revert to the news section of our website as we will look to minimise non-emergency communication should our operating level change in the future. Our current operational status and Covid situation will be updated daily here.

We hope you and your families, colleagues and friends remain safe and healthy during these unprecedented times.

Covid Update – 16th November 2020

We are pleased to report that our administritive side of the business is now returning to work following the observing of a period of isolation.

Any disruption caused by the short implementation of our Emergency Covid Protocol is being prioritised to eliminate any delays and/or recover lost time to the small number of clients affected by the preventative actions taken to protect our workforce and their families.

Our production facility is also operating at normal levels again following the activation of Staff Testing earlier this month.

We thank you again for your due consideration. We are all working in unprecedented times and we appreciate the good wishes and understanding.

Covid update – 9th November 2020

Hague Fasteners have implemented an emergency protocol to manage a localised Covid infection within our administration department. 

Our facility closed in full for a short time from Friday 6th November following a notification of a staff member developing symptoms who had been at work earlier that week. 

Following risk review the administration side of the business will remain closed for a short time with limited remote operation being implemented to help manage any disruption. 

The production side of the business has not had contact with any potential infection and all staff have been excluded from work pending a negative Covid Test. All staff have now sought a test and are returning to work once they have confirmation they are Covid free. 

We are confident that the provisions taken will ensure the very best in risk elimination and will enable us to provide a Covid Safe & Secure environment for our on site workers. 

Our prime focus is on the well-being and health of our staff and we send our best wishes to those affected by this pandemic. 

It is unfortunately inevitable that the provisions taken may have a delaying effect on some of our delivery obligations, we are working hard to minimise this impact and would like to thank our Suppliers and Clients for their understanding during these unprecedented times. 

All efforts are be focused on the speedy recovery of the operation and the ongoing safety of our staff. 

Covid 19 – 2nd Lockdown Coronavirus Update


Hague Fasteners continues to closely monitor and manage the situation regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic fully supporting the guidelines and advice from the UK Government and Worldwide health experts and organisations.

A full and complete Covid Risk Assessment is in place to ensure the continuing day to day manufacturing in support of Global Critical Infrastructure projects, we are committed to:-

Protecting the wellbeing of our employees and their families as a primary focus.

Considering the potential for the impact on society by making responsible decisions to support the prevention and / or containment of the situation.

Making every effort to continuously provide the services and products required by our customers.

Following the implementation of the 2nd Lockdown in England, Hague Fasteners remain fully operational and we rigorously follow all developing and changing guidelines based on announcements made by the World Health Organization (WHO), HM Government and the Chief Medical Officer (CMO), and on the status of any infection within Hague Fasteners.

In addition, Hague Fasteners have an Emergency Response Team that is established and will act, depending on any change to internal alert level. Hague Fasteners will respond based on the action plan that has been established for the wellbeing of employees and their families, the continuous procurement of products and services, and business continuity.

Whilst ever possible and for the foreseeable future Hague Fasteners will continue to operate within these guidelines and will make every effort to maintain contractual agreements until this decision is taken out of our control.

Hague Fasteners will, as far as reasonably practicable, continue to keep all communication on the current situation with its suppliers, client base and Employees while maintaining that the emergency protocol is in place.

If you are seeking an update please revert to the news section of our website as we will look to minimise non-emergency communication should our operating level change in the future. Updates will be posted as and when needed.

We hope you and your families, colleagues and friends remain safe and healthy during these unprecedented times.

COVID19 – A Brave New World

As the UK slowly starts to ease the Covid19 Lockdown Quarantine and begins to see a greater movement of people within society as more and more businesses are encouraged to re-open, we further reinforce our modified working practises to protect our staff and personnel.

From the onset of the UK’s Coranavirus Lockdown at the end of March 2020, we were asked to maintain and increase our commitment to supporting Medical infrastructure projects along with critical industry sectors such as Defence Fasteners, Bolting for the Chemical industry, Civil Engineering Bolt & Nut assembilies, Critical Nuclear Components, Turbine Bolting and Special Fasteners for Power Genration and Energy Sectors, along with Precision made parts for Health, Food, Space, Transport and Water industries.

All of the Staff, Employees and Directors here at Hague Fasteners made a commitment to support the critical needs of this Country, and indeed the World, by taking the more difficult option of actually leaving the safe isolation of their homes to come to work and ensure we are able to deliver to these critical projects and keep critical industry operating during the unprecedented Coronavirus Global Pandemic.

This hard work and commited efforts must now continue as the Country slowly returns to a little more normality, this ‘Brave New World’ needs vigilance as we seek to protect ourselves and each other.

Strict controls on working conditions, cleanliness, staff monitoring and vistitor restrictions will continue to be adhered to. This will ensure we are able to maintain as close to ‘normal’ production and supply as possible as we become acquanted with this Brave New World.

We are constantly reviewing and adjusting our practices and environment on a fluid basis and to control the spread of the Coronavirus in support of the new Test and Trace policy being implemented by the Government. For the protection of all, we will not be accepting any visitors on to site for the forseeable future but are more than happy to meet via remote video or other methods until such a time comes when our Brave New World is rid of any risk to us all.

We thank the continued support from our Supply chain and the commitment from our loyal Customers, we are blessed to work alongside some of the finest Companies and people across our sectors. Please stay safe during these times and look after the special people in your lives.

Critical National Infrastructure sectors – Coronavirus Update

The UK has identified 13 Critical national Infrastructure sectors, these are:

Critical National Infrastructure Sectors

Chemicals, Civil, Nuclear, Communications, Defence, Emergency Services, Energy, Finance, Food, Government, Health, Space, Transport and Water.

Together, these systems, networks and assets are considered essential and their continued operation is required to ensure the security of the UK nation, its economy and its public health and safety.

Hague Fasteners are continuing to manufacture essential components directly and indirectly for Oil & gas production, Power Transmission, the Nuclear industry and Energy parts (critical components supplied to the Energy sector). We also produce critical components for the defence sector.

As a manufacturer of business-critical materials, the resources we employ to provide these goods or services are classed as such and we are continuously reviewing our contingency plans to ensure we can continue to support Critical National Infrastructure Sectors and the same Sectors all around the World during this time.

At the same time, Hague Fasteners understands the seriousness of the COVID-19 issue and has implemented many measures to minimize the spread of the virus. We will always continue to enforce social distancing requirements in our facilities but especially during lunches, breaks, and during clocking in and out of the facility along with strict one person sole access to washrooms at all times.

We have minimised all in-person meetings, enhanced disinfecting of work areas, and implemented specific protocols for employees who are ill. We have strict policies in place for anyone who may have secondary or tertiary exposure situations, at the time of writing we do not have any staff falling into this catergory.

All team members are keenly aware of these behaviours and best practices to keep us all as safe as possible. Good hygiene and social distancing are the two most important things that we can do.

This is a very fluid situation and things continue to change rapidly, hour-by-hour. We will do everything possible to communicate those changes that affect you and our business as soon as possible.

Coronavirus Update

Following the UK Government’s announcement of Social Lockdown, Hague Fasteners would like to issue this Coronavirus update to all of our Clients, Suppliers & friends as follows:-

We are still operational at around 95% normal levels.

We have not had any staff directly affected by Coronavirus infection with all Staff and their Family members reporting healthy and free from any symptoms.

Several of our more vulnerable members of staff or staff that have a duty of care to velnerable family members have opted to self isolate. This is an option we have presented to all staff under a number of care and contingency plans, with our staffs and their families wellbeing being at the forefront of all of our actions and decisions.

We are starting to see slight issues with certain supply chains and processes but have put in place additional stock levels of materials, tooling and consumables to ensure the continuation of manufacturing as far as is possible. Needless to say unfortunately certain supplies may be affected and we will communicate to our clients where deliveries may be affected as a result, where it is possible to do so.

We are further advised by cetain clients that they are not operational and are in complete lockdown. We will fulfill all purchase orders and retain goods here until we are notified that they are operatinal again and able to accept deliveries.

We advise any forward demands for special fasteners are indicated to us now or as soon as is possible so that you have priority on materials from our stocks in case outsourced replacement material becomes an issue in the coming days and weeks.

Again we hope your family and colleagues stay safe and healthy and send our best wishes to you during these worrying times.

Coronavirus Update – UK Government : Please refer to the UK Government Coronavirus Information Website for the latest help and advice.

We will continue to update you via this News channel so please check regularly for the latest information.