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Special Fastener Manufacturer

Hague Fasteners are a Special Fastener Manufacturer, servicing all Global Industries with Bespoke Special Fasteners, Hague are manufacturing small quantities (1Pc, 5Pcs, 25Pcs, 100Pcs Through 500Pcs) of custom bolting and special fastener components to all International Standards and to Customers’ own designs and OEM Drawings, with the added peace of mind of Quality Assured British Manufacturing.

Special Fastener Manufacturer

Hague Fasteners have taken a firm stance to only utilise the very best materials making them a reliable Special Fastener Manufacturer for the highest integrity components, setting Customer Service, Quality & Integrity as our focus. it is for these reasons Hague Fasteners now enjoy great praise from their clients around the World.

  • Founded in 1971
  • Same Day Quotations
  • Delivery Status Updates
  • Test Certification Free Of Charge
  • Experienced Technical Assistance
  • Dedicated Customer Service Team
  • Massive Archive of OEM Drawings
  • Family Driven Ethics and Philosophy
  • Technical Library of International Standards
  • Global Daily Shipments Ensure Prompt Delivery


Carbon & Alloy SteelsStainless SteelsSuperAlloys
& Duplex Steels
Non Ferrous
A307 A, B & C
070M20 (EN3B)
070M55 (EN9)
080M40 (EN8)
605M36 (EN16)
708M40 (EN19)
817M40 (EN24)
826M40 (EN26
ASTM A193 B7
ASTM A193 B5
ASTM A193 B16
ASTM A320 L7
ASTM A320 L43
BS4882 B16A
Durehete 900 (T22)
Durehete 950 (T31)
Durehete 1055 (T42)
Jethete XM19
303 304
18-8/A2 316/A4
A2-50 A2-70
A4-50 A4-70
321 310 347
422 410 416
420 431
ASTM A193 B8
BS4882 B8X
BS4882 B8MX
BS4882 B8TX
B8/B8M/B8T Class 2
BS6105 C3
Nitronic 50
Nitronic 60
Uranus B6
Ferralium 255
Monel 400
Monel K500
Inconel 600
Inconel 601
Inconel 625
Inconel 718
Incoloy 800HT
Incoloy 825
Hastelloy B2
Hastelloy C4
Hastelloy C22
Hastelloy C276
UNS S31803
UNS S31254
UNS S32750
UNS S32755
UNS S32760
ASTM A453 660
Sanicro 28
Nimonic 75
Nimonic 80A
Nimonic 90
Carpenter 20

Aluminium Bronze
Aluminium Silicon Bronze
Phosphor Bronze
Manganese Bronze
Naval Brass
Cupro Nickel 70/30
Cupro Nickel 90/10
Hiduron 191

Hague Fasteners Explainer Video

Hague Fasteners have commissioned a simple Explainer Video to highlight just how best we are suited to service you with top quality Special Fastener Production, Service & Supply.

We appreciate that your time is extremely valuable so Hague Fasteners rely on the word of mouth recommendations to generate new business. We will not harass you with cold calls or unexpected visits trying to hard sell our service to you.

We therefore ask that we take less than 2 minutes of your time so that we can explain how we can save you time and money whilst giving you a truly exceptional family business service, by presenting you with our short explainer video

Hague Fasteners – Explainer Video Presentation (1min 45secs)

Hague Fasteners – A Family Business

Great feature in the press this week detailing the dynamics of working in a family business.

Featuring CEO Jon Hague, and sons Jack Hague & Tom Hague the write up gives an insight into what it’s like working for a family business in the West Midlands manufacturing Special Fasteners since 1971

Full Article
Read the Press Article featuring Hague Fasteners

Hague Fasteners Introduction Video

Introduction Video

Hague Fasteners are excited to announce the completion of a brand new, custom made introduction video. We manufacture any item that you cannot buy off the shelf in small to medium batch quantities (1pcs, 10pcs, 25pcs) through to several hundreds where required, often in difficult materials and to Customers unique designs and OEM drawings. We do not manufacture large quantities (1000pcs, 3000pcs, 5000pcs) of standard items which are readily available from stockists. Our considerable stocks of high integrity steel and Superalloy bars enable us to offer Standard, Modified Standard and Custom Designed Special Fasteners on a very short lead time, in hours where required. Please view our short introductory video below for further details and we would happily welcome your next enquiry for any special fasteners you may require.

Cast Traceable Fasteners

Cast Traceable Fasteners

The strict procedures we have in place at Hague Fasteners ensures that all items manufactured are Cast Traceable Fasteners and can be fully traced straight back to the original mill. This allows for a full history on every special fastener that we manufacture. One of our main and final processes of the procedure is marking using our CNC dot peened vibro etchers.

All our manufactured bolting is marked with “HF” (Hague Fasteners) followed by the material grade. We can also stamp with any requirements that you may have such as a cast number or unique batch identification number. Therefore we can easily disclose key details about the material including the condition of the material as delivered and any heat treatment processes which may have been applied to the material.

Cast Traceable Fasteners
Cast Stamped Fasteners

Customers are increasingly asking for manufactured fasteners from European produced steels and Non-Chinese machine shops. Hague Fasteners are proud to advise all of our current and prospective customers that we do not get involved with any Chinese or Far Eastern imports.

If you have any projects that require small volume, special, high integrity fasteners that must not be sourced from China or from Chinese origin materials, we would kindly ask that you give Hague Fasteners a try.





Special Fasteners at European Offshore & Energy 2014

Hague Fasteners are pleased to announce we will be represented at the European Offshore & Energy Exhibition at the Birmingham NEC this April.

Come along and visit us on stand E262 we will be showcasing our vast array of Specialist Manufactured Bolting specified by and supplied to major global Subsea, Oil and Gas & Power Generation OEM’s and associated subcontracted engineering companies.


Hague Fasteners have specialised in Stainless Steels, Super Duplex materials and Superalloys for over 40 years, and our high spec special fasteners are used thought the World in Offshore fabrications and equipment.

Small batch manufactured Fasteners are made for highly corrosive environments in material groups including Monel, Inconel, Incoloy, Hastelloy and Nimonic alloys, often to established international ANSI, DIN & British Standards as well as complete Bespoke items manufactured to customers specifications and drawings.

We look forward to seeing our existing clients once again at the Exhibition and are excited at meeting new prospective customers during the 3 day event between 8th & 10th April 2014