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Hague Fasteners – A Family Business

Great feature in the press this week detailing the dynamics of working in a family business.

Featuring CEO Jon Hague, and sons Jack Hague & Tom Hague the write up gives an insight into what it’s like working for a family business in the West Midlands manufacturing Special Fasteners since 1971

Full Article
Read the Press Article featuring Hague Fasteners

Hague Fasteners On Brexit TV National News

It was an absolute pleasure to welcome the ITN news guys to our new facility this afternoon to show them around the site that is nearing completion.

In light of today’s triggering of Article 50 by British Prime Minister, Theresa May, Hague Fasteners were approached by Channel 5 News to feature on their Brexit Special News Report this evening.

Hague Fasteners News
Owner, Jon Hague, explained the ambitious project to purchase and renovate a brand new production facility in the Heart of England that was all decided on Post Brexit Referendum.

Jon Hague explained that the niche manufacturers in Britain would continue to grow despite the decision by the British People to leave the EU and that a major investment supported this belief.
Confidence and Capital investment is at the heart of sustained growth and the Channel 5 News report lead with the exciting growth of Hague Fasteners.

Watch The Channel 5 News Feature on Hague Fasteners Below

Fastener Manufacturing Expansion

Hague Fasteners acquires new site and reveals plans for major Fastener Manufacturing Facility expansion.

With 46 years of West Midlands Special bolting manufacturing history behind them, Hague Fasteners has announced exciting plans to expand its business operations in Willenhall, into  a new custom refitted Fastener Manufacturing facility.

New Fastener Manufacturing Location
Claire & Jon Hague, the husband and wife team that run the half century old Wolverhampton Family business, sealed a deal on the purchase of a new manufacturing facility at the end of January. The new site is just a short distance from their existing Watery Lane factory.

A significant redevelopment of the new facility is now underway that will see the business relocate in the 2nd quarter of 2017. The new site is almost three times the size of the existing operation and enables major new plant investment, whilst also creating a number of new jobs.

This is great news for the local area that has already seen a number of other Fastener manufacturers close down since the turn of the year.

Hague Fasteners have enjoyed 10 years at their current location. The last decade has seen continued Year on Year growth as they continually strive to stand out in a crowded marketplace by offering the very best in Customer Service and total integrity.

The exciting move to a brand new, custom refitted facility enables a doubling of production capacity that will see even faster production times and a continued commitment to reliability.

“We are proud to see our success continue with the purchase of our new site. The complete re-design and renovation works of our new headquarters is now underway enabling us to move forward with the next exciting phase in our growth as a dominant force in High Integrity Special Fastener manufacturing.”

Jon Hague, Managing Director Jon Hague

It also represents a significant vote of confidence in UK manufacturing. Hague Fasteners also intends to continue their investment in bringing apprentices through from local schools to encourage students to move into the industry.

“when Hague stepped away from trying to compete with inferior imports 12 years ago, we had to reinvent the business and prove the model. We know from Customer feedback that what we do is very special in a saturated market. Our customers know that reliability and integrity are what’s important and it is these morals that have driven us to personally invest in a much improved infrastructure. This ensures The Hague name continues to be the first name where service and quality is valued above cheap imports sold under the guise of quality assurance. When quality truly matters we’ve proven that British manufacturing wins every time, the future is indeed bright at the dawn of many more exciting years ahead”.

Claire Hague, Co-Owner Claire Hague

Hague Fasteners were founded in 1971. They have set the standard in high class customer service and total integrity in every aspect of service and supply.

Durehete 1055

Durehete 1055 Fasteners

1% CrMoV Steel for bolting applications up to 570°C made in the UK by Hague Fasteners since 1971.

Durehete 1055 has been the ultimate choice material for high temperature applications up to 570°C for decades and Hague Fasteners have manufactured and supplied super critical turbine studs and capnuts for every British Power Station over their 45 year plus history.

Durehete 1055

Durehete 1055’s high temperature performance has been proven in these 45 plus years and the Durehete 1055 is now the only mainstream remaining Durehete grade surviving in production following the demise of Durehete Nut Steel (DNS) Durehete 900 and Durehete 950. The T41 Durehete 1055 specification was the original equipment specification for Alstom (GEC) and Siemens (Parsons) powerplants in the UK.

All of The Hague Fasteners Special Manufactured Fasteners are made in the UK at our own production facilities in the West Midlands.

All of the special Fasteners made by Hague Fasteners are dual certified to National Standards including ATD 1221004, NEI 221, BSEN 10269: 2013, 20CrMoVTiB4-10, Steel No. 1.7729, BSEN 1515-1: 1999, BS1506 681-820, CEGB GDCD STD2 ISS2, BS4882.

When it comes to the very best in Customer Service you need look no further than Hague Fasteners, critical power generation bolting since 1971.

British Special Fasteners

The call for quality British Manufactured Special Fasteners is ever increasing as Critical industry shy away form imported and inferior manufactured bolting to drawings.

Hague have enjoyed a record breaking year as industry returns to it’s roots following an industry realisation over the last decade that cheap imports are not a solution where high quality, timely deliveries and assured customer service is a necessity.

Hague have a long standing family tradition of putting Customers needs first and are proud to always go the extra mile to ensure every client gets the very best attention regardless of the scale of their needs.

Special Fastener Machinery
Special Fastener Machinery

Hague Fasteners continued growth necessitates continued investment in additional plant and machinery and this week we have taken delivery of another Bar Fed 4 Axis Twin Turret CNC Lathe to ensure even greater throughput and thus ensuring we can keep up with an ever growing demand for our high integrity British Manufactured Special Bolting whilst ensuring timely deliveries whilst striving for 100% Customer satisfaction.

Special Fastener Excellence – Proud To Be Different

Hague Fasteners have continued to adapt, modernise and improve in their 43 years of trading. As a 2nd Generation Family run firm the Customer Service Hague offers continues to be the main reason Clients recommend Hague Fasteners as their First call for manufactured Bolts & Nuts.

Hague transformed themselves within the British Special Fastener marketplace in 2008. For too long Competitors had taken advantage of their Customers needs, disregarding Customer service and flooding industry with  imported Far Eastern products where criticality can not always be assured.

British Fasteners

The varied critical industries Hague supply demand and deserve only the Highest Integrity and Quality  Assured EU/UK/USA sourced materials. Hague Fasteners answer the growing demand for Fully Traceable manufactured bolting. It is almost impossible to find a special fastener in common materials that are made from Quality Assured EU/UK/USA manufactured steel, but you can rest assured this is the norm not the exception when you deal with Hague Fasteners. Hague are proud to be different, no idle claims, just continuous improvement that always puts the Customer first, unrivaled Customer Service, we are Proud to be Different.

West Midlands Fasteners – A trip back in time

Hague Fasteners have been at the forefront of Special Fastener manufacturing in the West Midlands for over forty years and are rightly proud of their Special Fastener History.

Many of our Customers remember the Hague name from the early years when Hague Fasteners first commenced manufacturing in the heart of the Black Country Fasteners industry in the West Midlands.

In their formative years Hague Fasteners services many industries with their precision engineering components. From the earliest North Sea drilling projects alongside Shell & Phillips Oil, to main line pumping solutions with Weir Pumps, Hague excelled in the rapid production of Quality Fasteners and Taylormade Bolting Solutions.

Click Image To Open PDF Brochure From 1973

Take a trip down memory lane ! We are proud to publish from our archives one of our earliest Custom Fastener Brochures which shows proudly a few of the early collaborations with some of the Worlds top engineering service companies.

Keep tuned to Hague Fasteners news as we proudly show off more of our historic Fastener Brochures.

Non-Chinese Please – We're British

Taking the bus to work or having a relaxing walk amid the rush hour traffic, wherever you are, you will no doubt have a little bit of China on you.

Listening to your iPod – Made in China
Fiddling with your key ring – Made in China 
Dressed to impress – Made in China

Our business has been established since 1971 and in recent years we have seen a massive upturn in requests for Manufactured Special Fasteners of Stainless Steels (and nonferrous materials) where it is stipulated in the supply terms that non Chinese sourced material must be used. 
NonChinese Fasteners

We pride ourselves on the high integrity of all products we manufacture from a complex component made in house to a customers close toleranced drawing, to a standard pin or washer, ground or laser cut in the heart of England. 

We fully appreciate the reasons customers are increasingly asking for manufactured fasteners from EU produced steels and NonChinese machine shops and are proud to advise all of our current and prospective Customers that Hague Fasteners do not get involved with any Chinese or Far Eastern imports.
In a complete turnaround Hague Fasteners are now even supplying British manufactured Bolts, Nuts & Washers into Japan, Malaysia, Thailand and even China, a process we never thought possible when we were losing contracts to these very countries in the 1980s. 

In further support of British engineering Hague Fasteners have proudly completed their first year of Young Apprentice schemes seeing an increase in their Special Fastener Engineering Workforce with investment in youth training and staff development. 

If you have any projects that require small volume, special, high integrity fasteners that cannot be sourced from China or from Chinese origin materials, we would kindly ask that you give Hague Fasteners a try.