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Bespoke Fasteners

Bespoke Fastener

Bespoke Fasteners are our speciality.

Hague Fasteners are your solution for any Bespoke Fasteners or Custom Precision Engineered Components.

sposAs specialist manufacturers, all of the items we supply are made to order.

We are a major manufacturer of all specialist Bolts & Nuts, we will be more than happy to quote against your specific enquiries. We assume, of course, that they are not a standard imported sizes that are available from a standard merchant.

Our forte is special high integrity items in critical material grades manufactured to international standard or Bespoke Fasteners and components produced to customer or OEM designs & drawings.

We are experts in the real low quantity manufacturing of special fasteners to customers designs and drawings, or relatively standard items but in non-stocked materials.

We supply heavily to all sectors of Engineering Specialists and General Engineering Merchants where they need a solution for nuts and bolts that are not available form the imported distributors.

We are literally talking about quantities such as 5pcs 10pcs 50pcs and so on, not hundreds and thousands.

Hague Fasteners are on hand to manufacture any special bespoke fasteners you may need.

Bespoke Fasteners

Small Quantity Manufacturing Without Idle Claims

Countless companies offer bold claims like “if its standard we stock it, if its non-standard we stock it too”.

Here at Hague Fasteners we offer a simple and substantiated claim. If its not available from stock we will manufacture Bespoke Bolting for you in whatever delivery time you need.

There is no way anyone can stock special hex bolts, nonstandard socket screws or custom hex nut that’s not even designed yet, but once you’re happy with your specification you can source it from Hague Fasteners, manufactured to order, often as fast as if it were in stock, if required.

Being in the Special Fasteners industry for over forty years we know almost everyone claims they can make any specials that are beyond the standard stocked range. The reality unfortunately is not always quite so simple.

That fine thread BSF to UNF Tapping Thread Adaptor that’s non-standard, sure it can be made for you by standard stockists but do you really want to order 50,000pcs and wait 20 weeks? Just last week Hague Fasteners produced and supplied 4 off 1/2″ / M18 Tappex type self cutting thread adaptors in stainless steel in just a few days.

Hague Fasteners have decades of manufacturing expertise producing small quantity special components to all industries around the World, from Major Multi National Corporations to Small Self Employed Operators such as Modern Artists, Entrepreneurs Prototyping or Small Racing Engine Tuning experts.

We are proud to have worked on a Manifold bolting solution to a Private Raceteam this month that solved a failing bolted connection at high temperatures and secured Pole Position, a record lap time, and a First Place Podium Finish.

Small Quantity Bolting Solution Providers since 1971.
No idle claims just real results.

Experts in Manufactured Engineer Studs Since 1971

For over 4 decades, Hague Fasteners have excelled in the quality manufacturing of Engineer Studs.

From small diameter engineer studs for automotive use through large diameter High Pressure Turbine Casing Engineer Studs used in Power Generation facilities all around the World, Hague have the capacity to serve your Special Manufactured Fastener needs.

What is an Engineer Stud ?
There are various key identifiers when it comes to specifying an Engineer Stud. Many international standards exist and Hague can manufacture to the dimensions required under all standards or indeed a bespoke special stud can easily be made to your unique requirements and drawings.

The Metal End is the Stud End that is screwed into the existing component base or body. This is generally 1 or 1.5 times the nominal diameter as specified by purchaser or international standard.
TheNut End is the Stud End which is not screwed into the existing component. A nut is tightened into this shorter threaded end to secure the fixing.
The Plain portion is the part of stud which is not screwed. This shall be greater than 50% of the nominal dia and normally includes thread runouts.
Nominal length- The British Standard BS4439 identifies a range of Nominal lengths from 12mm to 500 mm. The nominal length is the plain portion length & the Nut Threaded End added together.
d – Hague regularly manufacture Engineer Studs in the diameter range M6 (1/4″) through M100 (4″).
Threads Notes
According to the BS4439 standard the threads on the nut end and on the metal end shall be in accordance with BS 3643 parts 1-3. The nut end shall be to the tolerance 6g (medium fit.). This is as normal for a general bolt. The metal end shall be to the tolerance of a close fit (4h) or an oversize tolerance as specified.
The tapped hole shall be to the tolerance 4H or, if it is not critical application a medium 6H tolerance can apply.
Be sure to give the Stud Experts a call with your next Engineer Stud requirements. Hague Fasteners are ready to manufacture for you.

Special Fasteners Image Gallery

As part of our impressive Website relaunch we are excited to introduce our:-
Photo Gallery Of Special Bolting

This exciting ongoing presentation shows a large selection of the high integrity special fasteners and custom bolting manufactured by Hague Fasteners Limited.
The gallery is constantly updated with new photographs of Hex Bolts, Engineer Studs, and a wide array of Special Turned Parts manufactured in the UK by Hague Fasteners for Worldwide Engineering Industries.
Be sure to take a look at the Live Fastener Gallery and revisit often to see a large selection of the infinite product range that are impossible to catalogue.

Achilles UVDB Verify

Hague Fasteners is pleased to announce another successful renewal of its participation in the Achilles UVDB Verify programme.

Hague Fasteners has a long and proud traditional of providing exceptional bespoke fastener manufacturing services to utility companies in the power generation and oil & gas business sectors.

Our membership of Achilles’ UVDB Verify ensures we stay current with changing procurement policies and allows us to continue supplying our custom-made special fasteners to an ever more important market sector.

Achilles UVDB is an online community for the UK utilities industry. It enables the utilities sector to use Achilles’ proven supplier pre-qualification system to manage risk within the supply chain and comply with EU regulations.