Insulated Bolts

Hague Fasteners have been manufacturing High Voltage Insulated Bolts for decades servicing the turbine and power generation maintainers and manufacturers.

Hague’s highest quality British manufactured Turbine Studs and Hex Bolts are wrapped with Epoxy Glass which is then finish machined to make the Insulated Fastener that can then be safely installed within the high voltage generator.

Turbine Rotor Insulated Bolts
Turbine Rotor Insulated Bolts

The bolts pictured are smaller items used in an 11.5kV generator with rotor expiration voltage of 500V.

Turbine Insulated Bolts & Assemblies

Insulating sleeves and washers made in flame retardant epoxy glass are often manufactured to suit the special insulated bolt manufactured typically to OEM designs and drawings.

Insulation Materials

Phenolic Glass B30 – For High temperature Applications

Silicone Glass B32 – For High temperature Applications

Polyimide Glass B34 – High Strength in High Temperature Applications

Epoxy Glass B36 – Superior Grade Laminate

Epoxy Glass B38 (FR) – For Flame Retardant Applications

Epoxy Glass B46 – Improved Machinability Laminate

Epoxy Glass B48 – For Applications At Elevated Temperature Where Good Mechanicals Are Required

Epoxy Glass FR4 Rod – For Flame Retardant Applications

Epoxy Glass G10 – For Commercial Applications

Epoxy Glass G10 QDX – Laminate With Multi-Axis Reinforcement