Wheel Studs Focus

Fastener Manufacturers

As a fastener manufacturer  that creates screws, nuts and bolts (fasteners) we use a large amount of technology and machinery within our production factory to create all kinds of fasteners from non standard fasteners, every day screws you see often (in special materials) to custom designed fasteners for specialist industries.

As a Fastener Manufacturer we use drawings and other designs to create specific fasteners and Hague Fasteners are specialists when it comes to this kind of special fastener.

Hague Fasteners have over 50 years of experience as fastener manufacturers and our specialist area is custom fasteners that you are not able to get hold of from standard fastener stockists.

We manufacture and supply fasteners to industries all over the world including the Oil industry and the Transport industry.
Within the transport industry there are many different kinds of vehicles, and almost all of these will have wheel studs.

What Are Wheel Studs?

Wheel studs are a type of fastener that are used to hold the wheels on to vehicles. They are mounted directly to the brake disc semi-permanently.

Although many vehicles use bolts instead of studs there are still some advantages to using Wheel Studs.
Wheel Studs allow for easier tyre changes – This is because when Wheel Studs are used they create the ability to lift the tyre and wheel onto the studs, whereas with bolts you would have to lift the tyre and hold it whilst you insert a bolt.

Stud Bolts

A stud bolt is a bolt that is either fully threaded or that has threads on both ends. The purpose of engineer stud bolts is to permanently screw one end into a fixture, and then use a nut on the other end of the bolt. Stud bolts may also be called ‘standing bolts’.

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