Power Generation Fasteners

Hague Fasteners are once again making a massive impact into the British Power Generating Industry.

Hague Fasteners Durehete Stud
CEO Jon Hague with the months largest Turbine Stud as it leaves to repair a UK Power Station

For the last decade or so the Power Generation bolting supply chain has seen an influx of “non” Durehete grades of material, Global Equivalent grades or even custom branded equivalents that often do not tick all of the original CEGB requirements.

British manufacturing of 100% approved British Durehete material could not always compete with the imported equivalents and so Hague Fasteners respectfully backed away from an ever increasingly competitive market that saw quality standards and approvals decline.

2014 has seen a massive shift back to 100% original CEGB British manufactured Power Generation Turbine Studs & Cap Nuts, it seems the industry as moved back to their roots, in much the same way as the Subsea procurement marketplace a decade before, in stipulating the highest integrity material and unquestionable British Manufacturing and Customer Service excellence.

Working as a key manufacturer to the Power Generation sector and associated service industries since 1971, Hague Fasteners are once again breaking the mould and reinforcing the Best of British.

We never cut corners to win orders.