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Steel Bar Cutting

Hague Fasteners are please to take delivery of another new steel bar Cutting machine to our ever expanding Special Fastener Production Facility.

Our new Steel Bar Cutting NC controlled automatic bandsaw is optimising our incoming material (up to 300mmø) ready for our in house special fastener manufacturing.

This new investment has been made due to Hague’s ever increasing order book and with the sawing often being the first stage of production. This new plant sees material received and processed much faster and with higher accuracy.

Whilst Hague Fasteners specialise in the smaller batches of custom made special fastener components, the new Steel Bar Sawing machine also gives flexibility of cutting larger batch runs. Where needed the NC can control various billet length cuts from a single bar set-up.

The accurate NC controls also enable the optimum speed and feed rates when cutting some of the super alloys and Nickel based materials such as Nimonic, Hastelloy, Inconel and so on.

Continued growth and investment assured Hague’s clients of the very best in customer service and reliability.

Hague Fasteners – 45 Years In The Making

Hague Fasteners – 45 Years In The MakingIn the last 50 years British Industry has changed beyond recognition, however one name stands tall since 1971, Hague Fasteners.

It is over the last 5 decades that Hague Fasteners have evolved, through booms and crashes in an ever changing industry, to become experts in Customer Focused Precision Manufacturing Of Special Fasteners.

It is this wealth of experience and stability that sets Hague Fasteners apart.

Hague Fasteners have adapted, evolved and continually improved over the last 45 years, diversifying from its oil and gas focussed beginnings spreading its expertise into every conceivable industry around the world.

Hague Fasteners continues to make all their fasteners in the heart of the UK and are more competitive now than at any time in their history.

Hague Fasteners continue to break growth records as they near their 2014/2015 year end. Export Sales are at an all time high and growth within the home market continues to boom due to the incredible word of mouth recommendations within all industries.

Hague Fasteners will always put their Customers first and it is this focus to stand out in a declining service industry that sets them apart.

For exceptional service, you need reliability

Time For Change 

Unrivalled experience in manufacturing Fasteners to Clients designs. Total Customer Focus & Ethics make Hague Fasteners Limited, Special Bolting UK stand out from the crowd.
Hague will give you a refreshing change.
Small Enough To Care : Big Enough To Deliver (since 1971)

Special Fasteners Fixing Global Industry

When others fail to deliver, you can rely on Hague Fasteners to deliver.   This week we recieved a request to supply over 1500kgs of Custom Manufactured SuperDuplex Hexagon Bolts & Nuts in less than 5 days. 

Within 24 hours of winning the order the round bar material hit our production facility in the heart of the UK and our loyal team set about the massive task asked of us. 

The customer service ethos throughout every member of Hague Fasteners staff guaranteed that our Customer would have the order in hand when needed, regardless of the challenges that would undoubtedly crop up despite perfect planning and scheduling. 

It is the pride and sense of achievement that sets Hague Fasteners apart, often taking control of another Fastener Suppliers failure to deliver and acting with complete sense of purpose to minimise Plant downtime and financial penalties. 

It was pointed out, after completing production in less than 72 hours, that other fastener companies take longer to supply the certification for their supplies than it takes Hague Fasteners to manufacture and deliver 1.5Tonnes of Super Duplex Fasteners. 

As the original Breakdown Bolting Service Providers, Hague Fasteners have been doing this for 44 years, why go anywhere else ?

Hague Fasteners: Big Enough To Deliver, Small Enough To Care. 

Urgent Breakdown Bolting


It is no idle claim that Hague Fasteners are poised to service your special fastener demands 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
Hague Fasteners were established in 1971 with the sole aim of servicing the flourishing oil & gas sector. Hague’s “what you want, when you want it” ethos saw an immediate solution to troublesome plant breakdown and unexpected pipeline issues.

Over the following four plus decades Hague have ensured they are always at hand to resolve any plant breakdowns or urgent supply demands for special fasteners or custom fasteners, manufactured fast and supplied efficiently as if from stock. The urgent breakdown service provided by Hague Fasteners effectively means every special fastener is available from stock.

When there simply has to be a supply of special fasteners, Hague are the solution.

Hague Fasteners Technical Sales Team are available:-

24 Hours a Day
7 Days a Week
365 Days a Year

No matter where you are in the World you can always get a response from Hague Fasteners.

Outside of normal operating hours just call our normal phone number and select “Option 2” to speak to a member of Staff.

Our Sales email address is read 24 hours a day, simply drop an email over for immediate attention.

Our Web “Live Chat” is manned 24 hours a day, just open up our website and select “Live Chat” at the bottom of our pages.

It has never been easier to get a response to your emergency bolting needs.

Hague Fasteners – The Emergency Breakdown Bolting Solution

Bolt Heads Marked HF


Special Fasteners installed around the World are seen in every conceivable use with the letters “HF” marked clearly on the heads.

Although Hague Fasteners only manufacture small quantities of very specialist fasteners, a tremendous fastener history since 1971 means Millions of custom fasteners have been manufactured I the heart of England and shipped to countries in all four corners of the World with the heads marked with The Hague Fasteners Ident HF.

These 2 letters, H and F are a symbol of quality British fastener manufacturing excellence and give piece of mind to engineers and fitters in every industry.

Hague Fasteners are often the preferred source for Superalloy and all bolting materials manufactured bolting for many Fastener Stockists and Distributors and OEM end users often ask themselves why bolts and fasteners are a hard stamped with the letters HF and numbers.

Bolt heads and fasteners in general are typically marked with the manufacturers identification and the material grade, so wherever there is a bolt marked HF you can rest assured it is a quality assured piece of British Engineering made in the UK by Hague Fasteners.

Special Fastener Coatings


Hague Fasteners are experts in small batch Special Fastener manufacturing.

Often the manufacturing requirement originates from the OEM, the original equipment manufacturer where the bolt design, material specification and electroplating specification is governed by a Company specific documented specification. These specifications are often requested even when the special fastener in question is being manufactured for an intermediary, a fastener distributor, or the OEM’s subcontractor.

Hague Fasteners can supply manufacture non standard fasteners, non standard socket screws and Special fasteners with any surface coating.

This article features a sample of the OEM electroplatings and Hard Chrome Coatings often called for on Hague’s Special Fasteners:-

Electroless Nickel Plated Fasteners Specifications
• AMS 2404E
• AMS 2404B
• ASTM B 733-97
• Mil-C-26074E
• C-118 ABB Seatco, Inc.
• VGS 6.2.7 ABB Vetco Gray
• KC-118 ABB Offshore Systems, Inc.
• CS-0515 Daniel Valve
• 05-9070-025 Anderson Greenwood
• BCS A201 Baker Hughes
• MPM 300 Baker Hughes
• ESC 46 Bettis Corp.
• ESC 6 Bettis Corp.
• 200-214 Bowen Tool
• 350-001 Bowen Tool
• CSP-124 Camco
• WI-MFG Crane Valve
• MPS-2 Quarter Turn Products
• X-4021 Cameron Iron Works, Inc.
• X-4526 Cameron Iron Works, Inc.
• X-027059 Cameron
• 37-0027 W K M Valve
• 37-0026 W K M Valve
• 020 Dril-Quip, Inc.
• P-00401 C Daniel Flow Products
• P-00407 B Daniel Flow Products
• P-00413 B Daniel Flow Products
• CS-0507 Daniel Industries
• 500 A1 Dresser Valve Division
• 500 A3 Dresser Valve Division
• 500 E1 Dresser Valve Division
• 500 D1 Dreeser Valve Division
• CFPS-146 Control Flow, Inc.
• C80100 FMC Energy Systems
• C80103 FMC Energy Systems
• FGS 8B7 Fisher Controls
• FGS 8B10 Fisher Controls
• H-250-2002 Welex Engineering
• GCS-521 Gray Tool Company
• MS000.00 TK Valve
• WP-2 Grove Valve
• WP-3 Grove Valve
• WP-13 Grove Valve
• WP-030 Grove Valve
• GF-71 Grove Valve “Italy”
• GF-73 Grove Valve “Italy”
• ES-C-146 Halliburton
• 70.83673 Halliburton
• PS 108 Houston Engineers “Smith International”
• Hemps 4.003 Hydril
• Hemps 4.010 Hydril
• C-198 Kvaerner Oilfield
• EAVMS8E.VMS Keystone Valve
• 250-006 Keystone Valve
• CS-3005 National Oilwell
• S-95-0531-A Oceanering
• ES-530 Stewart & Stevenson
• ES-517 Stewart & Stevenson
• ES-518 Stewart & Stevenson
• ES-519 Stewart & Stevenson
• ES40290 Schlumberger
• T6001597 Schlumberger
• 681424-AB Schlumberger
• CSP-124A Schlumberger
• A-X040018 Shafer Engineering
• ES-504 Quality Oilfield Products
• ES-507 Quality Oilfield Products
• VG-05 Valgro
• B018 Weel Dynamics
• WC-211 Weatherford

Electroless Nickel Plated Fasteners with PTFE Coating
• WC-213 Weatherford
• Hemps 4.010 Hydril

Industrial Hard Chrome Plated Fasteners
• QQ-C-320B
• QQ-C-320C
• ASTM B 177-01
• VGS 6.2.9 ABB Vetco Gray
• N05-9070-006 Anderson Greenwood
• BCS A202 Baker Hughes
• ES 5058 Cooper Energy Services
• 37-7536 Cooper Cameron Valves
• X-004020 Cameron
• CS-0514 Daniel Valve Company
• P-00402 D Daniel Flow Products
• P-00403 B Daniel Flow Products
• P-00409 B Daniel Flow Products
• P-00411 B Daniel Flow Products
• X-136107-01 Cooper Oil Tool
• FFS 2E1 Fisher Controls
• SPP-659 Flowserve
• PS 101 Houston Engineers “Smith International”
• Hemps 4.002 Hydril
• C-198 Kvaerner Oilfield
• CS-110 Wood Group

Passivation of Fasteners
• QQ-P-35C

Chromium Over Sulfate or Electroless Nickel Coated Fasteners Specifications
• 200-312 Bowen Tool

Sulfamate Nickel Coated Fasteners
• X-027052 Cameron
• BCS A601 Baker Hughes
• VGS 6.2.8 ABB Vetco Gray
• PS 120 Houston Engineers “Smith International”

Zinc Electroplating Special Fastener Specifications
• ASTM B633
• 328K B Briggs Stratton
• MS201 Case
• MAT0310 Case New Holland
• 1E1675 Caterpillar
• 1E0397B, E, G Caterpillar
• JDS 117 John Deere
• 40004-017-01 Square D
• TSH6500G & TSH6524G Toyota
• WM 3101 Whirlpool

Non Magnetic B8LN Stainless Steel Fasteners


The ultimate non-magnetic stainless steel fasteners are manufactured in extremely small quantities by Hague Fasteners.

The high Nitrogen content of ASTM A193 B8LN fasteners (304LN fasteners) creates an extremely low level of magnetic permeability and these special fasteners are used when is used where an extremely low level of magnetic permeability is required.

Special Fasteners in this specific stainless steel further exhibit the following desirable properties:-

Moderate pitting and crevice corrosion resistance
Excellent impact toughness at sub-zero temperatures
A higher proof stress yield than regular 304L stainless steel fasteners.
Non-magnetic, Very low ferrite level and very resistant to martensitic transformation. Relative magnetic permeability < 1.005 Good weldability. 304LN was originally developed as a higher strength version of 304L by raising the amount of nitrogen. However, the increase in strength is only modest and easily achieved through cold working. Further, duplex grades are now commonly used where higher strength bolting is required. The grade is now used in specialised applications where a very low magnetic response is needed. In standard 304L, a typical level of relative magnetic permeability is around 1.05-1.1 due to small amounts of ferrite in the austenitic structure. A completely non-magnetic material would have a value of 1.0. 304LN can achieve a maximum value of around 1.005, which is the lowest practical level of any steel grade. It is also very resistant to transformation to the magnetic martensitic phase which can occur on forming or cooling to very low temperatures. For this reason Hague's manufactured B8LN Special Fasteners are commonly used in specialised equipment where magnetic “interference” needs to be avoided and also for use in cryogenic equipment such as bolting for Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanners, reinforcing foundation bolts for structures surrounding MRI scanners also special fasteners in pressure vessels, and non standard socket screws in cryogenic applications.