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Boldmere FC Juniors Grassroots Football Sponsorship

Hague Fasteners Announces 2-Year Sponsorship of Boldmere FC Juniors, Led by Former Premier League Star Karl Henry

In a remarkable move to support grassroots football, Hague Fasteners, a leading manufacturer of industrial fasteners, has proudly announced its two-year sponsorship of Boldmere FC Juniors. This exciting partnership aims to strengthen the local community and provide invaluable opportunities for aspiring young footballers. The youth team is under the expert guidance of retired Premier League Wolverhampton Wanderers midfielder, Karl Henry.

Karl Henry – Hague Fasteners Kit Sponsor

Under the leadership of Karl Henry, the former Wolverhampton Wanderers star who enjoyed a successful career in the Premier League, Boldmere FC Juniors has become a renowned breeding ground for young talent. Henry’s experience and dedication to nurturing young players have earned him immense respect within the footballing community.

Boldmere FC Juniors has a rich history dating back to its establishment in 1978. The club, based in Boldmere, Sutton Coldfield, has consistently promoted the development of young talent and has gained a reputation for producing skilled players who have gone on to achieve success at higher levels of the game.

Hague Fasteners, known for their commitment to supporting local initiatives, recognizes the immense potential within the Boldmere FC Juniors setup. The two-year sponsorship deal will provide the necessary resources for the club to enhance its facilities, coaching staff, and player development programs. This investment will create a positive and inclusive environment for young footballers to thrive and fulfill their potential.

The collaboration between Hague Fasteners and Boldmere FC Juniors is already generating excitement within the local community. To celebrate the partnership, the club’s official Facebook page, “Boldmere St Michaels Juniors,” has been buzzing with social media posts sharing updates and glimpses into the team’s activities.

The Facebook page serves as a central hub for supporters and parents to stay informed about the club’s progress, upcoming fixtures, and achievements of its talented players. Additionally, it provides a platform for the community to engage with the club, fostering a sense of unity and support.

Hague Fasteners urges fans, parents, and local businesses to follow Boldmere St Michaels Juniors on Facebook and engage with the club’s social media presence to stay connected and share in the excitement of this promising partnership.

With the sponsorship from Hague Fasteners, Boldmere FC Juniors is poised to make significant strides in developing young football talent and achieving their ambitions on and off the pitch. The investment will enable the club to provide top-notch coaching, improve facilities, and nurture the next generation of football stars.

This collaboration between Hague Fasteners and Boldmere FC Juniors, under the guidance of Karl Henry, is a testament to the shared belief in the power of football to positively impact young lives and strengthen local communities. The future looks bright for Boldmere FC Juniors, as they embark on this exciting new chapter with the support of Hague Fasteners.

Karl Henry & Jon Hague – Football with The Wolves Foundation

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£100,000 CNC investment delivers a perfect 50th birthday present for Hague Fasteners

The Team of 2021 Celebrate the 50th ANnivrsary Milestone

A Black Country manufacturer that supplies critical components to iconic London buildings, New Street Station, sports stadiums and the world’s power stations is celebrating a big birthday in style.

Hague Fasteners, which produces non-standard fasteners and bespoke bolts, turned 50 years-old last week and marked the big anniversary by investing more than £100,000 into a new three-axis CNC lathe to help it deliver more complex parts and increased capacity.

The XYZ CT 65 LTY was commissioned at the start of the month and is already being used to deliver contracts for the oil and gas sector, with the company hoping the additional turnover will help it move towards its target of £2m sales by the end of the year.

It marks what has been the busiest period in the family-run firm’s recent history, with current Managing Director Jon Hague joined at the helm by his wife Claire and sons Jack (Technical Director), Tom (Customer Service) and Max (Finance).

“My father John Hague started the business 50 years ago and back then it was founded on technical expertise, the same technical expertise that is still crucial today in helping us supply parts to more than 30 countries across the world,” explained Jon, who joined Hague Fasteners straight from school in 1989.

“I think he’d be very proud that we have been able to withstand global recessions and the recent pandemic and the fact that the business now has the third generation of Hague working here.”

He continued: “The family ethic extends to all members of our 16-strong workforce. They have been absolutely fantastic during Covid-19, allowing us to remain operational and ensuring we could continue to provide critical fasteners and bolts to the NHS and for power stations all over the world.

2nd & 3rd Generation of Hague’s, Jon & Claire and sons, Jack, Tom & Max, with their new multi access CNC

“The new 3-axis CNC machine is a perfect way to celebrate five decades in business and puts a marker in the sand for the technology we are trying to embed into our future capabilities.”

Hague Fasteners has been manufacturing in the Black Country for the last fifty years, its most recent move being to an 8500 sq ft factory on Monmer Close in Willenhall in 2017.

From here, the company produces specialist fasteners, headed bolts, studs, nuts and milled components in high integrity materials and critical nickel alloys.

It has built an enviable reputation for supplying products you can’t get off the shelf in small to medium batch quantities and in very fast lead times. Working with high integrity steel and superalloy bar, the company can work to customer drawings to produce parts ranging in size from 2mm to 250mm in diameter.

Claire Hague, Company Owner, went on to add: “We also wanted to do something in our 50th year that left a lasting positive legacy, so made the commitment to become Carbon Neutral by 2024.

“This has seen us create the ‘Hague Forest’, where we will endeavour to plant and grow 200 trees every year in Haiti, Kenya and Madagascar to offset the 75 tonnes of CO2 we create manufacturing specialist fasteners for use across the globe.

“It’s our little way of giving something back and this, when combined with investment in apprenticeships, will hopefully ensure we start the next five decades in a positive social shape.”

Hague Fasteners, which holds the ISO9001:2015 and Pressure Equipment Directive (PED 2014/68/EU) quality accreditations, has expanded by 30% this year with sales already passing the £1.6m level.

Future plans will see it target £2m over the next twelve months, with new jobs expected to be created if the vision become a reality.

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£100,000 CNC investment delivers a perfect 50th birthday present for Hague Fasteners

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£100,000 CNC investment delivers a perfect 50th birthday present for Hague Fasteners

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£100,000 CNC investment delivers a perfect 50th birthday present for Hague Fasteners

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SHU Formula Student Racing Team

Hague Fasteners are thrilled to be working alongside the team at Sheffield Hallam University on their 2018 Formula Student Racing project and proudly feature as a partner sponsor on the vehicle and at their launch event.

Hague Fasteners Sponsorship
Hague Fasteners Sponsorship on the 2018 SHU Formula Student Racing Car

Hague Fasteners were approached by the Sheffield Hallam University Racing Team back in March and jumped at the chance to join the team on their quest to Formula Student Racing success in the 2018 season.

SHU Formula Student 2018
SHU Formula Student 2018

The team were thrilled with the quality of the customised fasteners produced and were pleased to take Hague Fasteners on board as one of their new partners.

SHU Formula Student Racing Launch Event
SHU Formula Student Racing Launch Event

Hague Fasteners have worked with the exciting young engineers to reduce the weight of their vehicle by producing some customised Titanium Wheel Studs for the 2018 vehicle lightweight wheel hubs which was unveiled at the weekend.

Hague Fasteners Wheel Studs on the lightweight Titanium Hub
Hague Fasteners Wheel Studs on the lightweight Titanium Hub

The team have been thrilled with the end result as they enter their 5th consecutive year of competition. The race team students are selected from various courses and backgrounds and runs alongside their dedicated racing society. A top level principal has built a team of masters students that each manage an individual area of the cars development.

The 2018 Formula Student Racing Car built by the SHU Racing Team
The 2018 Formula Student Racing Car built by the SHU Racing Team

The formula student event takes place at Silverstone between the 13th & 15th July 2018 and is a fantastic recing event. For more information or to buy tickets for the event, visit  http://www.silverstone.co.uk/events/formula-student/

Keep up to date with the Racing Teams Progress on the SHU Racing Website https://www.shuracing.co.uk/, we wish the team the best of success at Silverstone later this month, everyone at Hague Fasteners will be cheering you all on.

Hague Fasteners – A Family Business

Great feature in the press this week detailing the dynamics of working in a family business.

Featuring CEO Jon Hague, and sons Jack Hague & Tom Hague the write up gives an insight into what it’s like working for a family business in the West Midlands manufacturing Special Fasteners since 1971

Full Article
Read the Press Article featuring Hague Fasteners

Hague Fasteners Introduction Video

Introduction Video

Hague Fasteners are excited to announce the completion of a brand new, custom made introduction video. We manufacture any item that you cannot buy off the shelf in small to medium batch quantities (1pcs, 10pcs, 25pcs) through to several hundreds where required, often in difficult materials and to Customers unique designs and OEM drawings. We do not manufacture large quantities (1000pcs, 3000pcs, 5000pcs) of standard items which are readily available from stockists. Our considerable stocks of high integrity steel and Superalloy bars enable us to offer Standard, Modified Standard and Custom Designed Special Fasteners on a very short lead time, in hours where required. Please view our short introductory video below for further details and we would happily welcome your next enquiry for any special fasteners you may require.

Special Fastener Family

27 Years Later
Hague Fasteners Mangaging Director, Jon Hague, is celebrating 27 years service with Hague Fasteners this month.
Following countless messages from Customers and Suppliers, Mr Hague states :-

“Thank you so much for the many messages of congratulations I have received on my 27 year anniversary of service to Hague Fasteners.

The support and assistance from my family has been invaluable, and I so proud and thrilled to see the continued growth and success of Hague Fasteners with the assistance and support of my wife and co-owner Claire Hague and my two eldest sons Jack Hague & Tom Hague, along with the rest of my loyal and long serving Hague Fasteners Team.

I am blessed to spend my working life with my direct family and assured that the strong morals and ethics that has set Hague Fasteners apart from others will continue in the safe hands of the 3rd Generation of Hagues.”

Jon goes on to say :-

“I was privileged to join this great business 27 years ago. Hague Fasteners was started by my late Father, John Hague, back in 1971 and I was lucky enough to have worked with him for 10 years prior to his retiring. The knowledge and experience I learnt from him was invaluable, but even more defining were the his strong ethics and commitment to each and every Customer, morals and service that was second to none.

It is this same dedication and commitment to giving the very best attention and service to every enquiry and order we receive that has seen Hague Fasteners grow Year on Year since our restructuring at the turn of the millennium.

We are humbled by the outstanding feedback from our clients and this sees the continued drive to further improve and stand out in our field.”

You can rest safe in the knowledge that The Hague Service and Expertise in now being passed to The Next Generation and the practices and dedication from our team ensures we give the very best service to each and every customer, every time.

You can expand you Hague Fasteners LinkedIn Connections by adding The Hague Family

Jon Hague
Jon Hague

Claire Hague
Claire Hague

Jack Hague
Jack Hague

Tom Hague
Tom Hague

Engineering Apprenticeships

Engineering Apprenticeships

Hague Fasteners’ continued growth in a saturated industry is, in no small way, down to the persistent policy of bringing in the next generation of young and hungry school leavers yearning to earn a trade in one of the countries booming industries.

Hague Fasteners are serious investors in the local youth, with a strong focus on taking the young men and women from local schools and colleges and giving them a solid foundation in engineering through The Hague Fasteners Apprenticeship Scheme.

With the expert assistance and training given by NOVA training in Willenhall, Hague Fasteners are proud to see the investment in young people paying off as two of their more recent trainees, Hayden Smith & Jamie Fitzpatrick, blossom in their roles within the busy Engineering manufacturing facility at Hague Fasteners.

Hague Fasteners Engineering Apprenticeships
Hayden Smith, Alan Williams (NOVA Training) , and Jamie Fitzpatrick

Company CEO, Jon Hague, reinforced the company ethos saying “it is this next generation of worker that is so important in our Special Fastener Industry. Engineering Apprenticeships are vital for growth, the ability to take school leavers with NOVA training’s fantastic support means we can train and develop the young local talent into our specific sort of staff. Whilst passing on vital skills from some of our more experienced members of staff, these talented youngsters are molded into the very specific high standard support team members that make Hague Fasteners stand out in a very stale, old fashioned, industry. ”

Claire Hague, joint owner of Hague Fasteners and head of Staff Development, went on to say “we are inundated with old fashioned salesmen, production engineers and top level management applying for vacancies here from companies that are perhaps finding things a little difficult, but it is their link to our industry competitors that is the barrier. Our success is due to our being significantly different to the rest of the Special Fastener industry in our exceptional levels of Customer  Service and attention to detail not found at our competitors. We are proud to be different and we don’t want any habits from elsewhere spoiling our ethics.”

Both Jamie and Hayden are now approaching their one year apprenticeship completion date and the skills they now bring by being molded into the ‘Hague Fasteners way’ is a massive boost to the Company. Both youngsters are working to improve the companies despatch department and their freshness ensures Hague never rest on their laurels and that every aspect of the business is encouraged to improve.

British Manufacturing

Apprenticeships continue to be The Hague Fasteners Focus, proud to be different and standing out from the crowd.

Hague Fasteners and NOVA Training Engineering Apprenticeships Hague Fasteners are thrilled to have discovered local training
providers NOVA Training. Alan Williams, one of NOVA’s Training Providers, attends regularly to check on the progress of the Hague Fasteners Youngsters.

Hague are proud to be supporting the local youth and look forward to continued close working with NOVA Training as the company continues to blossom with youth investment and training.

Tempus Fugit – 6 Years at Watery Lane


Tempus Fugit – Time Flies

Founded in its earliest form in 1971, Hague Fasteners soon moved into their Custom Special fastener manufacturing facility on the corner of Brierley Lane and Batmanshill Road in Bilston where we remained for decades.


The striking yellow clad building was iconic in the local area as businesses came and went through the years, Hague Fasteners remained a mainstay in the local area.

The Hague Family who owned the “Winston Works” site were approached by housing developers in 2006. A deal had already been struck with industrial property owners down the Batmanshill Road, and the developers needed the Brierley Lane frontage occupied by Hague Fasteners. The concluding deal was made and Hague Fasteners were on the move after over 30 years.

Hague Fasteners soon identified an ideal more modern premises close to the centre of Wolverhampton. A tailormade custom bolting facility was set up on Watery Lane, with the best of the old manufacturing plant making the short move across the Black Country.


February 14th 2008 was the date of the move, the Bolt production facility in Bilston came to a standstill and the trucks rolled with Stocks and machines The staff padlocked the gates at Winston Works for the last time and made the trip to the new facility in Willenhall.

Improved conditions and investment in new plant and machinery ensured the future was to be exciting and bright.

6 years have flown by and Hague Fasteners have gone from strength to strength since relocating, the Directors & Staff have not looked back, so on this anniversary we take a quick look over our shoulder to remember where it all started.

Fond memories from our proud history.