Hague Fasteners On Brexit TV National News

It was an absolute pleasure to welcome the ITN news guys to our new facility this afternoon to show them around the site that is nearing completion.

In light of today’s triggering of Article 50 by British Prime Minister, Theresa May, Hague Fasteners were approached by Channel 5 News to feature on their Brexit Special News Report this evening.

Hague Fasteners News
Owner, Jon Hague, explained the ambitious project to purchase and renovate a brand new production facility in the Heart of England that was all decided on Post Brexit Referendum.

Jon Hague explained that the niche manufacturers in Britain would continue to grow despite the decision by the British People to leave the EU and that a major investment supported this belief.
Confidence and Capital investment is at the heart of sustained growth and the Channel 5 News report lead with the exciting growth of Hague Fasteners.

Watch The Channel 5 News Feature on Hague Fasteners Below