Hague Calc Fastener iPhone App

Hague Calc Fastener iPhone App – Free Engineers Guide to Screw Thread Pitches 

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We are pleased to announce the fantastic update to our “modern day Zeus book” iPhone Screw Thread Data App.

At last the Thread Data Charts made famous in engineers pocket guides for decades are consigned to history.

The major v2.0 update to our Free utility has been submitted for approval in the AppStore and will be on your devices within days.

The outstanding update brings the requested full diameter / pitch combination selection across Metric, Unified and Whitworth thread forms.

Now the custom dual scroll wheel gives total functionality for all preferred, non-preferred and custom thread forms. You can now quickly identify 1st, 2nd & 3rd choice thread pitches for each diameter and see the relevant data.

The Hague Screw Thread Calculator will now allow you to select custom pitches beyond Coarse, Fine & Extra Fine.

The update also now calculates and displays the tapping drill size (mm) for every calculated thread across all Metric & Imperial thread forms.

This latest release of our popular and unique Thread Data app sees a resource far greater than the antiquated Zeus Precision Thread Data Tables often seen in the toolbox of engineers around the world.

We welcome any further requests and recommendations you would like seen implemented in any future updates of the Engineers Free Resource:- The Hague Screw Thread Calculator.

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