48 Years Of Special Fasteners

Hague Fasteners 1971-2019
Hague Fasteners 1971-2019

Hague Fasteners Founded In 1971

The 6th October 2019 sees Hague Fasteners celebrate their 48th Anniversary since their founding as one of the first Specialist 24 Hour Breakdown Service providers for Precision Engineered Non-Standard Nuts & Bolts.

Over the years they have undergone many changes since conception but Hague Fasteners still remain as once of the Countries top service providers for Special Fasteners that are made to order.

Hague Fasteners would like to take this chance to thank all of their Clients, Suppliers, Service Providers and acquaintances from the last 48 years for their support and custom from them in the past and look forward to continuing to service special projects with the highest integrity solutions and a first class level of Customer Service.