Splined Wheel Studs In Demand

Recent investment in splining tooling is now seeing the forecasted increase in Custom Wheel Stud manufacturing at Ralin Group. For decades Ralin have been supplying high strength Wheel Studs to customers’ drawings in small to medium batch quantities but 2011 has seen a rapid increase in demand as more and more Racing Teams and Specialist Vehicle Manufacturers opt to design their own custom purpose wheel studs. M12 & M16 diameters are proving to be most popular but any Metric or Inch size thread can easily be accommodated within Ralin’s expanding production facility.

About Splined Wheel Studs
Press-in studs are installed from the back side of the disk or drum hub and may require removal of the hub from the vehicle for installation or removal. They consist of a threaded portion and a larger diameter section that is splined to prevent rotation. The diameter of the splined section is larger than the hole in the hub requiring a press fit to seat the stud. The stud is prevented from being pulled through the hub by a larger diameter stop on the end.

Most press-in studs are designed and recommended to be installed with a mechanical or hydraulic press to ensure proper seating without damage. It is possible, though not advised, to install a press-in by using a washer and nut to “draw” it into the hub. In doing so, the installer must ensure that the stud is fully seated and that no damage is done to the threaded portion of the stud.