Engineering Apprenticeships

Engineering Apprenticeships

Hague Fasteners’ continued growth in a saturated industry is, in no small way, down to the persistent policy of bringing in the next generation of young and hungry school leavers yearning to earn a trade in one of the countries booming industries.

Hague Fasteners are serious investors in the local youth, with a strong focus on taking the young men and women from local schools and colleges and giving them a solid foundation in engineering through The Hague Fasteners Apprenticeship Scheme.

With the expert assistance and training given by NOVA training in Willenhall, Hague Fasteners are proud to see the investment in young people paying off as two of their more recent trainees, Hayden Smith & Jamie Fitzpatrick, blossom in their roles within the busy Engineering manufacturing facility at Hague Fasteners.

Hague Fasteners Engineering Apprenticeships
Hayden Smith, Alan Williams (NOVA Training) , and Jamie Fitzpatrick

Company CEO, Jon Hague, reinforced the company ethos saying “it is this next generation of worker that is so important in our Special Fastener Industry. Engineering Apprenticeships are vital for growth, the ability to take school leavers with NOVA training’s fantastic support means we can train and develop the young local talent into our specific sort of staff. Whilst passing on vital skills from some of our more experienced members of staff, these talented youngsters are molded into the very specific high standard support team members that make Hague Fasteners stand out in a very stale, old fashioned, industry. ”

Claire Hague, joint owner of Hague Fasteners and head of Staff Development, went on to say “we are inundated with old fashioned salesmen, production engineers and top level management applying for vacancies here from companies that are perhaps finding things a little difficult, but it is their link to our industry competitors that is the barrier. Our success is due to our being significantly different to the rest of the Special Fastener industry in our exceptional levels of Customer  Service and attention to detail not found at our competitors. We are proud to be different and we don’t want any habits from elsewhere spoiling our ethics.”

Both Jamie and Hayden are now approaching their one year apprenticeship completion date and the skills they now bring by being molded into the ‘Hague Fasteners way’ is a massive boost to the Company. Both youngsters are working to improve the companies despatch department and their freshness ensures Hague never rest on their laurels and that every aspect of the business is encouraged to improve.

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Apprenticeships continue to be The Hague Fasteners Focus, proud to be different and standing out from the crowd.

Hague Fasteners and NOVA Training Engineering Apprenticeships Hague Fasteners are thrilled to have discovered local training
providers NOVA Training. Alan Williams, one of NOVA’s Training Providers, attends regularly to check on the progress of the Hague Fasteners Youngsters.

Hague are proud to be supporting the local youth and look forward to continued close working with NOVA Training as the company continues to blossom with youth investment and training.