Environmental Effort – Carbon Neutral

In August of 2021, Hague Fasteners partnered with (more:trees) in an effort to plant trees in some of the World’s most essential Countries with an aim to become Carbon Neutral by 2024.

This ambitious commitment to our planet will need the Hague Forest to grow by 200 trees each year which will offset Carbon emissions from our Special Fasteners Energy consumption by sequesting over 75 Tonnes of Co2 from our tree planting projects in Haiti, Kenya and Madagascar.

Planting just 200 trees each year will help improve our impact on the environment while supporting climate action. Each tree we plant sequesters an estimated 0.3 tonnes of Carbon Dioxide over its growth life – meaning that our target of 200 per year will eventually result in 60 tonnes of CO2 being absorbed from the atmosphere in the future.

You can track our progress and learn more about this exciting initiative on our dedicated webpage https://www.haguefasteners.co.uk/carbon-footprint/