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SHU Formula Student Racing Team

Hague Fasteners are thrilled to be working alongside the team at Sheffield Hallam University on their 2018 Formula Student Racing project and proudly feature as a partner sponsor on the vehicle and at their launch event.

Hague Fasteners Sponsorship
Hague Fasteners Sponsorship on the 2018 SHU Formula Student Racing Car

Hague Fasteners were approached by the Sheffield Hallam University Racing Team back in March and jumped at the chance to join the team on their quest to Formula Student Racing success in the 2018 season.

SHU Formula Student 2018
SHU Formula Student 2018

The team were thrilled with the quality of the customised fasteners produced and were pleased to take Hague Fasteners on board as one of their new partners.

SHU Formula Student Racing Launch Event
SHU Formula Student Racing Launch Event

Hague Fasteners have worked with the exciting young engineers to reduce the weight of their vehicle by producing some customised Titanium Wheel Studs for the 2018 vehicle lightweight wheel hubs which was unveiled at the weekend.

Hague Fasteners Wheel Studs on the lightweight Titanium Hub
Hague Fasteners Wheel Studs on the lightweight Titanium Hub

The team have been thrilled with the end result as they enter their 5th consecutive year of competition. The race team students are selected from various courses and backgrounds and runs alongside their dedicated racing society. A top level principal has built a team of masters students that each manage an individual area of the cars development.

The 2018 Formula Student Racing Car built by the SHU Racing Team
The 2018 Formula Student Racing Car built by the SHU Racing Team

The formula student event takes place at Silverstone between the 13th & 15th July 2018 and is a fantastic recing event. For more information or to buy tickets for the event, visit  http://www.silverstone.co.uk/events/formula-student/

Keep up to date with the Racing Teams Progress on the SHU Racing Website https://www.shuracing.co.uk/, we wish the team the best of success at Silverstone later this month, everyone at Hague Fasteners will be cheering you all on.

Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering of Old or Obsolete Special Fasteners

Hague Fasteners are experts in the Reverse engineering (or Back Engineering) of all types of Engineered Special Fasteners, fixings and turned parts.

We have seen a sharp increase in the need for identification, reverse design and manufacturing of all sorts of components. Often in very small batches such as 2pcs, 10pcs, 25pcs etc. where the component has been in use for many years and there is no longer access to the original parts’ Engineering drawing.

Bespoke Reverse Engineered Fasteners

Often the items are completely Bespoke Fasteners that need making exactly to the dimensions and thread sizes of the existing part.

Reverse Engineering
From Old To New

Hague Fasteners also offer modifications to the parts where required. This is often an increase in material strength or a material upgrade for extra performance and reliability or simply a slight modification to certain sizes. Perhaps increasing the length or changing the thread form.

Engineering Rebuild and Repairs

Our special Fastener reverse engineering service is utilised by companies large and small where old plant or vehicles are being repaired or rebuilt. We are also at hand to assist enthusiasts who are working on private vehicle projects where a part is needed, perhaps some new head studs, or some extended Wheel Studs for a classic car or race car modification.

We are also proven to manufacture very small batches of items that may even be available from other Countries. Our reverse engineered Fasteners offer a UK Manufactured solution cheaper and faster than seeking an overpriced import where the rarity of the product required sees an over inflated price at the expense of the purchaser.

Where a special component is required and their is no access to a drawing or technical design description, Hague Fasteners operate a convenient solution.

1. You obtain a quotation from a photograph, so no need to lose time and money by sending the item in. We just ask that the item is photographed alongside a tape or rule so that we can establish rough sizes and costings to reproduce. 

2. We will then send you our formal quotation for reverse engineering the part. 

3. If you are happy with the proposed offer you then send in the sample (or we can collect if inconvenient due to component size). We then get to work replicating the item required with a lead time to suit your needs. 

We look forward to hearing from you with any requirements you have for replacing older or difficult to obtain Fasteners.