Ralin Join The Premier League

Ralin Group Bespoke Bolting, a Wolverhampton based Special Fastener Manufacturer, are proud to announce they are the sponsor of Roger Johnson, the Club Captain of English Premier League team, Wolverhampton Wanderers, for the 2011/2012 Season

On 11 July 2011, Birmingham City accepted a bid, reported as £7 million, from Premier League club Wolverhampton Wanderers for Johnson.

Two days later, Johnson signed a four-year contract with Wolves. The fee was officially undisclosed, and the club claimed that the reports on its size were inaccurate. Ralin Group were given the opportunity to sponsor the highly rated player and immediately accepted.

Ralin Group have been proud supporters of the Football Club for decades, long before the recent return to England’s top league and are now thrilled to support the club as they enter their 3rd successive season in the Premier League.

Splined Wheel Studs In Demand

Recent investment in splining tooling is now seeing the forecasted increase in Custom Wheel Stud manufacturing at Ralin Group. For decades Ralin have been supplying high strength Wheel Studs to customers’ drawings in small to medium batch quantities but 2011 has seen a rapid increase in demand as more and more Racing Teams and Specialist Vehicle Manufacturers opt to design their own custom purpose wheel studs. M12 & M16 diameters are proving to be most popular but any Metric or Inch size thread can easily be accommodated within Ralin’s expanding production facility.

About Splined Wheel Studs
Press-in studs are installed from the back side of the disk or drum hub and may require removal of the hub from the vehicle for installation or removal. They consist of a threaded portion and a larger diameter section that is splined to prevent rotation. The diameter of the splined section is larger than the hole in the hub requiring a press fit to seat the stud. The stud is prevented from being pulled through the hub by a larger diameter stop on the end.

Most press-in studs are designed and recommended to be installed with a mechanical or hydraulic press to ensure proper seating without damage. It is possible, though not advised, to install a press-in by using a washer and nut to “draw” it into the hub. In doing so, the installer must ensure that the stud is fully seated and that no damage is done to the threaded portion of the stud.

8-Axis Plant Investment Comes Online at Ralin Group

Ralin have been producing low volume, high precision, top quality bolting since 1971.

Clients have often ordered larger quantities that perhaps would not be most cost effective. However a higher price was paid safe in the knowledge that quality and service were guaranteed.

In order that we may develop the larger quantity, repetitive production supply for critical non-standard fastener ranges, we have made a substantial investment in a twin spindle, 8 axis, full length bar magazine fed CNC.

Ralin are thrilled that the machine has come online in their ever developing production facility, and after extensive trialing with larger batch runs of Square Channel Nuts and Hexagon Shoulder Bolts, are now ready to pass incredible savings on to their many customers around the world.

Batch runs of up to 40,000 can be supplied in the usual high standard that clients have come to expect from Ralin Group

Special Features:

* GILDEMEISTER GAC42 CNC Continuous Path Control, Model EPL 2, 8 axis
* 4 no. CNC side slides: 2 pieces with surface/longitudinal axis and 2 with surface axis. Quick change system can be preset.
* Tool turret with 8 tool holders. 4 tool holders are driven for drilling, milling, and thread grinding with driven tools.
* Rotating gripping device, chuck Ø 80mm, for back work using the built in linear tool holder.
* 3metre full length magazine Bar Feed

This is a very flexible machine because of the combined advantages of the turret with driven tools, the back work, and the four CNC side slides.

Supporting Grass Roots Football

Ralin Group are proud to be supporting local Grass Roots Football with the continuing support of Coven United Under 13’s.

The 2010/2011 season saw Coven Utd finish the season in 3rd place whilst also winning Silverware as Bilston Partnership Youth Football League Charity Cup runners up.

Last month the lads entered the Wolverhampton Wanderers Tournament at the Wolves FC Training Ground and did exceptionally well playing in an Under 15’s competition, narrowly missing out on the Final knockout stages finishing 3rd in their qualifying group.

Ralin Group – Special Fasteners Blog Launch

The Ralin Group Ltd is a privately owned SME based in Wolverhampton, England, that was incorporated in its earliest form in 1971. Manufacturing and stocking all types of Custom Fasteners in many different and difficult types of material from U Bolts and Socket Screws, through to complete bespoke items to Customer’s designs and drawings.

We specialise in Special Manufactured Bolting, Hex Bolts, Socket Screws, Studbolts, Hex Nuts & UBolts and the more difficult to obtain fasteners, i.e. the items not available from general fastener stockists.

The Ralin Group Ltd supply the items above and beyond a stockist’s standard range both in size & material and can manufacture any items that you can’t buy off the shelf. There is no need to look further, as we can take care of all your fastener needs with our high quality U Bolts, Socket Screws and Hex Bolts.

We are proud now to launch our Web Blog, to inform about developments within the Company, detail our projects on a regular basis, give regular product updates and facts whilst further sharing our experience of industry contacts and Networked recommendations that will be of interest to the SME Engineering industry in general.

UK manufacturing at its finest for over 40 years.